Synergy Experience: Start a conversation about yourself today!

WGMP SE workshop

WGMP SE workshop

How do you see yourself? More importantly, how do others? If the old adage “it’s who you know not what you know” is true, then we need to be more intentional about what image we are projecting and to whom. These are some of the interesting concepts that were discussed at a recent workshop on career management run by one of the University of Canberra’s own Career Advisors. She spoke of the importance of shaping our personal brand, which had everyone considering what we value and if this is what the outside world sees through our day-to-day interactions.

What does it say to others when we run late? When we shake their hands? When we dress to the nines? Keeping in mind it’s not only our behaviour which reflects on us but also our language. Are we coming across as ‘can do’ people in our conversations?

The reality is that the implications of all of this can lead to unexpected doors opening, or sadly closing for our career. So we need to start being intentional with this.

Networking is also important. The ability to put ourselves and our brand out there can be daunting but there are many rewards to be reaped. We found that many of us struggled with differing aspects of this, from what to ask, to how to remember it all. Sadly there is no quick fix or easy solution to this. The answer is simply the dreaded “practice makes perfect”. So start a conversation today!

Thanks for your words of wisdom Faith!


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