CoffeeWISE with Glenys London

On Monday, May 19, we had the privilege of meeting with the Director of UC International, Glenys London, for a CoffeeWISE. Glenys is a very talented woman with much life experience and we felt honoured that she would take time out of her busy schedule to share with us!

Glenys shared this visual aid with us to comment on the complex life of women:


We discussed how women today feel compelled to juggle home life with cooking cleaning, children, spouse and family along with work- often full time work.

Glenys told us that she did not actually plan her career, rather, along her career journey she grasped the next suitable opportunity as it became available. It was inspiring to hear that it’s possible to make it all the way to the director level without constantly pushing yourself to take big career jumps when you don’t feel ready. We can keep our eyes open for the next opportunity that comes at the right time and then give it our all.

Left to right: Kailee, Priya, Rebecca, Glenys and Hayley


Operation Christmas Child, Our First Synergy Experience

Back on September 23rd we met for our very first Synergy Experience, packing shoe boxes for the organization, Operation Christmas Child. Together, we collected enough items for nine shoe boxes to be sent to children in developing countries. 


Packing the boxes was a great icebreaker to get to know each other better and help children in need at the same time! We all brought shoe boxes and nine of one chosen item to fill each box. Some of the things we packed in the boxes were school supplies, toys, hygiene items and UC t-shirts. We had to include something to love, something to wear, something to play with, something for personal hygiene and something special. We also wrote a personal holiday letter from the WISE group to go in each box. 

We are very excited to think of the nine extra smiling faces this holiday season as the children open their presents.



White Ribbon Day morning tea

Just bumped into a colleague and mentor and we were discussing this program and how far our cohort and come. This brought to mind the White Ribbon Day morning tea and I thought, that 6 months on, the musings below are still as relevant today and a timely reminder that this should be in the forefront of our minds everyday.


“Was a great morning watching both staff and students of the University of Canberra come together to recognise the efforts of an organisation, geared towards ending men’s violence against women. The proceedings were kicked off with speeches from Joe Roff (CEO UCU), Prof. Stephen Parker (Vice-Chancellor UC) and Dr. Tom Calma (Chancellor), followed by the Oath said by all present and a delicious chocolate mud cake to wrap things up. The University was also presented with an award recognising our accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace, one of only two universities in Australia to be accredited this year. As a woman and a staff member I feel both pleased and encouraged that our workplace acknowledges the seriousness of the situation and is taking active and effective steps towards preventing this type of violence (Go UC!!!).”


Want to know more? Check out the facts and strategies in Australia’s campaign to stop violence against women here or through the university’s website.

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